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Black Education for Black Liberation!

   Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence (BNYEE)


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 Our Mission

We intend to organize and build through progressive ideas and direct action a dynamic Education for Liberation” Black Education Movement. This Movement will reveal and institutionalize the truth about our history Of Resistance and Struggle. It will also connect to contemporary national and global issues of empire, poverty, racism, militarism and environmental degradation. Furthermore, we will advocate for our Fundamental Human Right to the acquisition of all rights and privileges of modern society for people of African ancestry.

We are committed to fighting for
Educational Power:


1967 Harlem Black Panther Party Flyer. Still Relevant Today!

Community control over the design and destiny of free public education as a basic Human Right as sanctioned by the vast majority of the world through the United Nations Human Rights Act.

We see our Impact Areas as:

•    Parents (Parental Power in all spheres of Education)

•  Black/Latino Teacher Recruitment and Retention

•    K-16 African-centered Curriculum & Pedagogy Development

•    Youth Power in all Education Issues & Policies

•    Critical Thinking Development

•    Literacy & Numeracy Campaign for all ages



The National Black Education Agenda's Open Letter to President Obama Regarding the Current Academic and Cultural Genocidal set of Educational Policies Emanating from His US Dept of EducationNBEA-Summit2012 Open Letter to Prez Obama ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


This was taped on January 14, 2011 at Manhattan Neighborhood Network studios







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 Linda Darling Hammond Critiques US Education Compared to Education in Europe & Asia



"My history...contains the truth about America... it's going to be hard to teach it." --James Baldwin


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